Promotional Items as Marketing Magnets

customized corporate promotional mugsAccording to statistics, an average person opens the refrigerator door more than 10 times in a day. Imagine getting that marketing message exposed on a refrigerator magnet. How many people do you think takes their morning coffee over a mug in their office or at the comforts of their homes? Entrepreneurs sometimes have the need to hire professional advertisers and promoters for their business to be recognized. These hired professionals struggle to look for ways and tactics to draw the market closer to the business. Consider a logo printed on a mug. This technique can go a long way.

Picture how the magnet works. As it is placed on the table full of objects regardless of the kind of material, it immediately attracts any metal objects it sees. Consider this magnet as the promotional product such as mugs, tumblers, pens, and more items marketers can choose from. Meanwhile the metal objects can be the target market. Promotional items are beneficial to the business. Let us take a look on the major advantages it has brought to the business.

Tangible Products

There may be different forms of advertising which can be exposed in different medium. However, exposing the business through TV, radio, print or online advertising can be costly. Over the years, promoters have taken this advantage for the business to pump up the sales. Consumers prefer to have something that they concrete. Say for travel mugs given away to loyal customers to the business. The market would greatly appreciate receiving gifts visible and tangible. It promotes repeated exposures for the business to increase its brand awareness.

Measured Impact

personalized tumblers as promotional itemsA successful promotional item is measured by the number of people responding to the business. A true and effective marketing strategy is tested by these promotional items that enable the business to see visible positive results. Most promoters join trade shows, exhibits, and sometimes hold community events only to expose the business and create an impact to the market. Say for community sports activities where participants are given gifts as they join the event can build and strengthen customer-business relationship. It enables the business to build favorable perceptions. Most possibly, customers and prospects would realize how the business is concerned to the community.

Complements Other Advertising Medium

Although a promotional item alone is more than complete advertising, this can also complement other advertising means. Consider a printed advertisement exposed on newspapers. Perhaps a new product or service is presented and will be giving away gift sets for the first one hundred customers. Potential customers will rush to the shop and get themselves the new product or service offered. Also, consider on the joy they would feel the moment they receive the gift. Customers and prospects would respond for whatever reasons they may have. Perhaps they are only after of the free gift or most possibly on the new product or service sold. At any rate, the business is able to generate the lead.

In conclusion, promotional items are mostly essential tools for the business to be exposed and target them like magnets attract the metal objects.


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